I am Sophie.

I am a photographer, filmmaker and traveller.

I am getting inspired by people in motion, by the wild surface of the ocean and the concrete surrounding my home in Berlin.

I am working with people from the movies, theatre, surf, hospitality, fashion, design, sport and music.

My diploma project "meat & greed" was screened at various festivals and won best analogue and hybrid technique at the Austrian Animation Film Awards. My work was also shown on several exhibitions in Berlin, New York and Vienna. 

Instagram: sophie_has_a_camera


Photography (Clients)
Smart City, Deutsche Bahn, Hamburg, Germany
Lufi Surfboards, Lisbon, Portugal
Dream Sea Surf House, Sintra, Portugal
Surfblend, Le Pin Sec, France
Athena Backpack, Berlin, Germany
Stille Nacht, Defakto watch, Berlin, Germany
The Lunar Surf House, Tamraght, Morocco
Berliner Pyramide, Berlin, Germany
The Trouble Notes, Everywhere
Yoga Anna, Berlin, Germany
Wattmarck, R: Lorenz Tröbinger, Vienna, Austria
Poetry Slam Cup, Vienna, Austria

Awards and Exhibitions
1. place best technique, Radar Award, Vienna
1. place best analogue and hybrid realisation, Austrian Animation Film Awards, Vienna
1. place diploma award ceremony, Multimedia Diploma, Vienna
1. place Architecture Center, Vienna
2. place Filmaward Immowelt, Germany
Back up Festival, Weimar
Tribute Exhibition; Vienna
Luxury Exhibition, German Conculate, New York
PurPur Exhibition, Berlin
Frontale 2014, Vienna

Film (Clients)
Lufi Surfboard, Lisbon, Portugal
Ebene D, Performance Collective, Berlin, Germany
K.I.Z., Berlin, Germany
Ernst-Busch Dramaturgie, Berlin, Germany
The Lunar Surfhouse, Morocco
BG Klinikum, Berlin, Germany
The Trouble Notes, Everywhere
Loving.The.Alien, Vienna, Austria
Walter will was reissen, Vienna Austria
Wavetours, Seignosse, France
Pinsider, Seignosse, France
Magdalena Bönisch, Dancereel, Vienna, Austria

Feedbackrunde, Mockumentary, Berlin, Germany
Ometeotl, Documentary, Tulum, Mexiko
All About Silence, Musicfilm, LÁquila, Italy
meat & greed, shortfilm, Vienna, Austria
Ghosts of the Red Sand, The Trouble Notes, musicvideo, Vienna, Austria
Mundtot, shortfilm, Vienna, Austria
Deep, Loving.The.Alien. musicvideo, Vienna, Austria
Mountain, Thirteen Days, musicvideo, Vienna, Austria
Wie es Elche tun, shortfilm, Vienna, Austria
Don´t be a luxurist, Berlin, Germany
The Mistress, Vienna, Austria
Friedrichstraße 17, shortfilm, Vienna, Austria